Get Inspired


Get Inspired 🌸 Even just two years ago I wasn’t a big fan of spring. By March (April for sure) I was ready to dive into summer and forgo the beauty of this transitional season. But - as I have cared for the dying, watched my family grow, and seen wrinkles appear around my eyes - I have become acutely aware of how special this time of year is and how lucky I am to experience it once again.

How miraculous is it that we get to watch our earth unfold and give birth every year to the bounty that resides upon her?

I am inspired by her courageous display and technicolor glory. She is neither afraid to be bold nor in need of validation. And she shares her gifts open-heartedly.

As with anytime of year, we can seek safe harbor from the unrelenting reality of our societies in her embrace but, unique to this season, we get to witness rebirth. In spring we have the opportunity to set a new course and manifest possibilities.

It is up to us to stop, take notice, and get inspired.

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