Today is Mother’s Day. It is a day of recognition and celebration for those grace-filled beings that give without expectation, love whole-heartedly, and sacrifice without question. No matter the gender, species, or matter - we are all gifted with this capacity. When it is expressed, our world is a better place.

There are countless stories, teachings, and religions largely based on this coveted expression of love. It is an experience we all wish we had received and one that can mend a hollow heart when surrendered to it.

Although society associates this trait to women, mothering is not an action limited to gender or an experience received only by children. Each of us, is innately capable of recognizing this trait ourselves. Anyone can mother someone or something. It is an expression of tenderness, compassion, and connection. A desire to keep that which we love safe, harbor hurts, and mend the wickedness of others to support the livelihood and success of another.

And, in this act, caring for someone (or something) is, without question, the single most likely way we are able to transcend ourselves. In selflessness we witness our humanness, move beyond our selves, and experience expansiveness.

On this day of recognition, I would like to thank all of the individuals (and otherwise) who have offered me haven and provided guidance without expectation as I traveled this long and winding road. Without their mothering I would not have found the strength I needed to carry one or the compassion necessary to love myself, my family, and my community.

May we all embrace this aspect of self and spread these seeds of compassion to create a safer, more grace-filled place to live.