Conjure Possibilities


Calm🍃 I have recently had the pleasure to spend time with a few beautiful, kindred spirits over the past month. As I reflect on those moments, I realize I adore deep, soulful conversations that touch the light and conjure possibility. There is far too much anger and rage in our world. It has even begun to permeate our routine events and everyday interactions – like simple jaunts to the grocery store.

This incivility is worth noting because one cannot help but question what causes people to carry such heavy heartedness in each and every step? What drags someone down so much that simple interactions become challenged? Are we no longer able to find fulfillment in the simplest acts of living? What happened to the Sunday drive, walk in the park, sit on the porch, sunset moments that imbued values of love thy neighbor and be kind to others?

There are many paths that have led to this outcome. In my conversations though, I have recently been discussing the difference between feeling flat and feeling calm. Maybe we have confused these feelings and mistaken the calm, consistent ripples of life with feeling flat – or without passion. When our primitive brain doesn’t sense an urge to fight or flee and the peaks and valleys are missing, does everything in the middle feel too mundane? What if we reconsidered these monochromatic moments a gift of simplicity? The real life that we strive to achieve but without the soundtrack and tingling feeling these moments conjure when we see them portrayed on film.

Shouldn’t we view ourselves lucky when we experience a string of days with no particular highs or lows? Yes, these days are filled with responsibility and pressure but they are also relatively free of drama and permit us to simply be. And, if we are so lucky, these simple moments will make up the majority of our life. They won’t bring us to our knees or take us to new heights but they can offer calm – if we can settle in and relax. Like slack tide (the still moment between high tide and low tide) these stretches of time buoy our heart and offer us respite from the extremes.

Is it plausible that if we could change our perspective about these quiet moments (the ones we perceive as gray) we could turn these into a sense of calm? Could we then find fulfillment, be civil once again, and conjure possibilities for a more neutral, undramatic approach to life? The feeling of sitting on a beach and being one with the waves could be conjured everyday – even in the ocean’s absence.

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