Begin Healing


In 2015 I only had an inkling of an idea of what I was setting out to do. When I decided to make the Fauna Inspiration deck I needed an outlet for personal and spiritual creativity and reflection. Like so many of us, I was depleted and needed something that would provide me a platform to connect with nature (and people) on a different level than I had before. And I wanted to create something that was positive; that embraced the good and the bad but saw our challenges as opportunities. It was important to me that optimism and possibility take the lead over negativity.

Since then, I have made some unbelievable connections that I could have never foreseen, many of which have remained with me and propelled me forward. I have also learned some things about myself, our species, and the world we live in. For example:

  • So many of us are trying very hard to find connection

  • People are resilient, courageous, and generous every day

  • When someone shares that they are hurting, people come forward to help

It is this last realization I find sobering. When someone is suffering in silence it is nearly impossible for someone else to help – at least not in the ways that might be most beneficial. And, although some of us are pretty intuitive, there is no way pain can be understood without the individual experiencing it admitting that they are struggling and sharing how that pain is effecting their life.

Admitting that pain exists and that we aren’t coping well is really hard. As I shared, we are a resilient and courageous species – and we have not been raised to ask for help. More importantly, we have not been taught tools that could help us be emotionally and mentally adaptable and resilient.

Consider how much time we spent during our youth learning math, science, language, history, and the arts. During those years, how much time was devoted to teaching and encouraging the use of tools that would help us become capable adults able to navigate life’s challenges without feeling alone, alienated, overwhelmed, depressed, or suicidal? And harder still, adopt coping mechanisms that muddle our situation.

Leaving lessons about emotional wellness, personal responsibility, healthy relationships, and difficult conversations to adulthood complicates 90% of our lives. What I have learned is:

  • It is never too soon to share your truth. You are your own authority.

  • It is not harmful to admit pain exists. It is the beginning to healing.

  • Admitting you have a weakness is not a sign of inability. It is a sign of capacity.

Those who recognize their limits and search for answers strengthen themselves. Those who do not, permit and perpetuate pain.

If fulfillment is what you seek, look no further than yourself and ask:

  • What pain am I avoiding?

  • What responsibility must I take?

  • What tools do I need?

And then love yourself (every last little black and white bit), nurture your heart, and – find people who will be honest with you, who will encourage accountability, and who will help you. The later is synergistic and works miracles in two ways: You will benefit from the generosity of others and others will benefit from the compassion they get to express. You are the best investment of your lifetime. It is never too soon to begin healing!

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