Time to Emerge


Spring Cleaning | While driving my oldest son back to college after spring break, Ethan asked me, “Does time really get faster the older you get ? Or, is it simply because the percentage of time you have lived is smaller as you age? For example, when you are 2 years old, 1 year is half your life. Mom, half your life! That’s a long time. But when you are 20, 1 year is only 5% of your lifetime; a much smaller percentage compared to when you were 2. And that percentage gets smaller and smaller each year.”

This is a very interesting concept; one that literally hurts my brain to consider. Ethan’s theory is plausible. I mean, anything is plausible in a reality as complicated and vast as the minutia of genetics and expansive as the universe.

While I take time (ha ha) to ruminate on his idea, I can say, I do believe time is a construct; a construct created by humans just as societal norms and expectations are. We have created a calendar and a timeline that dominates our lives – some days, down to the second. Each day, each week, each month, each year seems to be on overdrive and yet, there are many times I wish I could push the days along faster to achieve my goals. But, on the other hand, there are days I wish I could stop and repeat or, on very bad days, I would love to “reset” or remove them altogether.

Not all days are created equal. Time tells lies on these days. Some moments are so impressionable that they last a lifetime. Good and bad alike, they are imprinted in our memory traveling with us either as welcomed guests or weighty vagabonds. And, sometimes the speed at which time passes is not in alignment with our state of mind or where our heart’s focus should be. Time moves too slow when depression settles in or expectations are held too high. And it moves too fast when we are preoccupied with advancement rather than connection.

And what of those words that linger? Those seeds that are planted that reverberate year over year that either diminish our capacity, or if we are so lucky, elevate our occupation. It is time to consider all of these moments, these persuasive time travelers, and consider the value they bring. Time to clean up our garden, remove the debris, and induce new growth. Let’s not let time manage us; let’s manage time. With revitalized perspective and perception let us set our intentions and get to work. It is time to emerge.

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Rebecca Lefebvre