Inspiration Grows Here!


Inspiration Grows Here! πŸƒ It was the Spring Equinox yesterday. A beautiful day to connect with nature; to find inspiration in even the smallest of moments, plant seeds of positivity, and set intentions to do the work of our lifetime.

Last night, while bathed in the luminescent light of the super full moon, the first signs of spring arrived in the neighborhood. And this morning, I saw Robins perched in trees, baby crocus and hyacinth emerging from their soil slumber, and wisps of green blades shimmering in the brown carpet of last year’s grass.

It is officially time to stretch upward and shake off the cobwebs that have collected this winter. It is time to consider the possibilities that lay before us and to make plans for planting. Unlike any other time of the year, we have a unique opportunity to lay the foundation for any outlook, intention, or activity. How we choose to interact with our environment and what we choose to do with our time is of our own doing. Small and simple or large and grande, anything is possible if we are courageous enough to conceive it, believe it, and manifest it.

May your spring bring light to your heart and inspire your soul. Let possibility take hold. Inspiration grows here!

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