Swan | Love ♥️ It is no coincidence that this fauna hasn’t left me since I pulled her card last week. I have desperately needed to hear Swan’s message. It is far too easy to slip into questions of self-doubt in today’s world of hyper-vigilant criticism.

How we are received by others requires separate consideration but how we choose to treat ourselves is a story that demands copious amounts of compassion and self-love rather than guilt and self-hate. We are tattered, often unaware beings trying to make sense of this confusing reality. Personal responsibility in the form of forgiveness, apology, and respect offers fertile ground for growing self-love - and a much needed and effective step toward healing this planet.

Woven within the downy feathers of Swan’s grace, her assured confidence, is a story of self-love - a story we could all use more of. When we love ourselves we don’t need to hate others. Instead, neutralizing conflict for the sake of respect becomes more important than positions of power and control. Understanding becomes paramount.

With respect and understanding established as our pillars for authentic communication, sharing can step out of hiding and become a river of compassion and empathy. A gateway to change; a vista of illumination.

When you have a moment, find a quiet place (a time for reverence) and list 5 reasons you deserve grace, 5 reasons to forgive yourself, and 5 reasons to love yourself. Allow for messages of positivity and avoid shaming or excuses. It is ok to love yourself and forgive yourself. In fact, it is crucial to wellness; to heal we must nurture our heart.

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Rebecca Lefebvre