Bee | Partnership 🐝 With all this Surrender, Tenacity, Self-Reliance, and Assertiveness happening this week - I almost wanted to put this card back. Ha! That would 🐝 a big mistake.

The marshal to my Fauna Inspiration deck, bee has become one of my most beloved guides. I love his presence in my life but most importantly in my garden. How lost we would be without him!

Bee is a devoted partner who values hard work. His dedication to his hive is unparalleled. He is a modest Fauna who believes humility is golden and encourages us to embrace the support and love of others. Bee nurtures us and prompts us to drink from the elixir of life.

What a powerful prompt in the milieu of this week of daily pulls. I love how Bee mingles with the others and compels a response of connectedness. A responsibility to the people in my life, the community I live within, and the world I inhabit. I adore how his gentle presence, flitting from flower to flower, is a strong metaphor for us and the impact we have on others no matter how fleeting our time might be with them. One word a zinger another a pollinator. We can build up people or we can take them down. After his work is done, laden and lumbering with the weight of the world, he heads home to his hive in an effort of communal support. Unaware of his beautiful end-result, bee remains ever humble in the shadow of his golden accomplishments.

May we find the grace and fortitude to be inspired to such noble cause and experience the pleasure of even a few drops of his beloved nectar.

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Rebecca Lefebvre