Stingray | Assertiveness 💦 It is hard to discount the timeliness and universal truth of these Fauna. Today’s message from Stingray: “It is not always necessary to lash out as the aggressor. Instead she teaches us lessons of strategy and composure. Resting on the bottom ... she finds it ever important to take her time. At her own pace she is able to remain collected when the current pulls her out.”

Feeling whisked away by the unpredictable or oft predictable but exhausting tides of life? I am. So, with illumination literally laid out before me, here is my interpretation of Stingray’s message.

Assertiveness doesn’t require aggressiveness. On the contrary, it means being aware of your surroundings. It implies a level of personal responsibility to remain cognizant of how those elements outside of your control are impacting you and what steps you can take or “tools” you can use to reduce the pressure.

Although it has been portrayed as so, assertiveness doesn’t require we take action toward others. Instead, it’s a reflection of our personal response; how we mobilize our disposition and tools in response to situations that trigger us and impact our lives.

Being assertive to achieve an intended outcome requires composure, thoughtfulness, and strategy. Without those elements, assertiveness becomes nothing more than an unconscious expression of anger, frustration, and exhaustion.

Time to slow down, take a breathe, and consider what outcome is desired.

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Rebecca Lefebvre