Heron | Self-Reliance 🍃 I’ve embarked on a week long spread. Since one message a day is all I can manage at the moment I thought it would be insightful to see what a week of pulls might inspire. Today is self-reliance; a sturdy message building of off Tenacity and Surrender.

Heron brings the wisdom of being unrestricted by conventional norms and cultural expectations. He encourages us to consider the “stories” we hold onto. Some only perpetuate an unconscious, unawareness; a “because it’s always been that way” mentality that goes unquestioned and buttressed by a desire for predictability and an ideal of tradition.

What an appropriate message. I have been reckoning some of my old stories (social worker, nurse, creative, organization/business consultant) hoping that with new perspective I can manifest a new story, a new chapter that embraces equally and without shame my propensity for learning and my unquenchable curiosity. I will always ask questions with authentic interest and a desire for truth. This inclination to learn, grow, and connect has lead me to a lifetime of careers in a short 25 years.

We are all here to get something done. The question is, what is that thing and how do we wish to manifest that work? Do we avoid it? Do we postpone it? Do we deny it? Or, do we partner with self-assurance and courage to find confidence in our curiosity?

Self-reliance equates to trust in our personal ability to navigate life’s currents. It also means, we know how to ask for help and find the right type of support when we struggle with loss, emotion, or societal confusion that over flows into our lives.

Thank you Heron for setting the example and coaching us toward cultivating healthy individuals to grow strong communities.

Be brave. Be strong. Be you.

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Rebecca Lefebvre