Know Your Limitis

Dianthus | Know Your Limits ♥️ As I’ve been researching and writing the Flora Restorative Healing deck a number of lessons have been revealed. Of most importance is the lesson spoken by Dianthus (otherwise known as Carnation). She is gentle and sweet, a beautiful accompaniment to any garden either small or large. She is flexible, adaptable, and unassuming. On the other hand, she has historically been revered as the flower of the gods, a muse for many in power - a reminder of humility, humanity, and limits.

As you begin to consider your garden (the year ahead or the journey before you) consider the edges of your energy. How much you can take isn’t the same as what you should undertake. Setting boundaries for personal, relationship, or professional goals is as important as being open, willing, and engaged. I might even suggest, more important.

Limits support understanding, establish rules and expectations, and force conversations about what is and what is not acceptable, necessary, or practical.

Dianthus may be small, subtle, and sweet but don’t be fooled, her messages are heavy. 

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Rebecca Lefebvre