Why Not Now?


Meaningful Moment | Why Not Now? ✨This is my youngest son. I call him Little Dove. He is a young, open-hearted soul. He was two then. This was the first time he saw the cool, blue water roll over the sand only to take his footprints away. Amazed by the impermanence of the marks his feet had made, he spent an hour contemplating how they so easily disappeared.

This week I found out that a colleague passed away - instantly and unexpectedly. Like the phenomenon at the beach, our lives are indiscriminately fleeting.

Knowing we all find death beside us, it makes me ponder why we spend so much time consumed by the weight of past experiences, old & tired archetypes, unhealthy relationships, burdensome work, and unfulfilled dreams? I know it’s not easy to flip our lives but what does it take to get us there? And maybe the more important question is: What holds us in place? Social worker as I am, I know full well the mountains and valleys we must climb to find our way out. But why not take flight and soar? Why not, while we are alive, create a reality we can live with no matter how limited by our circumstances we may be? ✨

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Rebecca Lefebvre