A Word | Contribution ✨I received the most precious gift today and I was overwhelmed. Tears poured from my heart and I wasn’t sure why. How is it possible to be so blind to all of the little packages of yearning we carry around with us? How can they be so close to the surface yet so far from presence. Contemplating, as I do, I realized why the tears came so easily and why there were so many. After all these years, after working so hard for so long (like we all do), I simply want to know that I have made a positive contribution to the people in my life: those from my past, those presently beside me, and all those beautiful souls I might touch in the future. If all I get to offer during this lifetime is a soft landing for people to feel safe, witnessed, and loved then I will have fulfilled my soul’s deepest desire. And, in honest humility - if I have hurt anyone, “I am deeply sorry.” May we all find a path to Essentia during our lifetime that leads to utter and complete contentment. And for those souls who leave without opportunity, may they rest knowing someone, somewhere wished them safety, witnessed their humanity, and loved them once upon a time. ✨

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Rebecca Lefebvre