Personal Responsibility


Meaningful Moment | Personal Responsibility • Confidence • Purposeful Living 🐝This has been a summer filled with bee wisdom. Seems like every time I sit down to photograph a flower a bee swoops in and steals the show. I know full well these bees aren’t about showing-off but they certainly have become the center of my attention.

I love that this bee is covered from head to toe. It offers so much metaphor. Just like the pollen jacketing this bee, maintaining the course never feels weighty when the reason is right. When we are certain we are determined, when we are determined we are confident, when we are confident we see things through.

With purpose in our lives obstacles are not negative, in fact they are an integral part of the road to achievement. They expose passion and, when peppered with friction, offer opportunities for reconsideration, redirection, and recommitment. If the goal in life is to find equilibrium then accepting the existence of challenges becomes an anticipated and welcomed aspect of life.

All this being said, in our confidence we do not need to be narrow-minded or self righteous. In fact, confidence grounded in honesty, responsibility, and humility paves the path for practical, plausible connection that engenders meaningful participation from ourselves and others. With integrity and a commitment to communal truth, healing can happen that will withstand the test of time . .
Like this bee doused in pollen, we have the capacity to manifest a reality of contentment, connection, and purpose when we trust ourselves, remain responsible for our impact and actions, and are present daily for ourselves and others.

Thank you little bee for pollinating my mind. 🐝

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Rebecca Lefebvre