Pelican | Optimism 🐚As I’ve shared before, there are any number of ways to find meaning in life. Religion, spirit, nature, connection, experience, opportunity. Seek and find what you will. Eventually there comes a time we have to make a choice about how we want to live. We have as much to do with how we arrived at this station as the forces around us. Life is art. Create what you need. Having seen so much heartache and pain, I’ve chosen OPTIMISM as my road. Pelican is a striking example of this canvas. He’s an amenable inhabitant of ephemeral islands. He enjoys a life of transience and is inspired by possibilities; averting traditional norms. Pelican plunges headlong into each experience harvesting gusto from each wave of opportunity. Unattached to expectations and averse to unnecessary burden he is guided by his persistent optimism. Through his example, Pelican encourages us to enthusiastically forage through life, resting momentarily only to embrace it in earnest again. May we all find passion to “be” which is far different from “do”. I am so I do. Not I do so I am. 

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Rebecca Lefebvre