Open Heart


Meaningful Moment | Open Heart 🍄 Like the underbelly of this wild mushroom, we all have vulnerable aspects of ourselves that we tiptoe to reveal only to hide when we feel overexposed. When we seek approval from others (outside of wishing to do right by them) we lend safe harbor to the child searching for acceptance while neglecting the adult who seeks soul progression. 

But, if we truly loved ourselves the fear and trepidation would slip away. The stronghold for doubt, embarrassment, and shame would crumble. We would saunter courageously through life trusting our intention and embracing our imperfections. Knowing we are only human, we would experiment in the face of folly time and time again. 

When we trust what we do is encased by authenticity and love, then finding solace in someone else’s acceptance becomes secondary to feeling fully, sharing open-heartedly, and loving completely. When we lend grace to ourselves, we uncover the fibers of our connectivity and the threads of humanity. We share without hesitation and bond around issues of merit and importance. 

This weekend, I experienced the manifestation of this type of love. It was not egoistic. It was not selfish. It was electric. It flowed from person-to-person encouraging new acquaintances, old friends, and rooted families to travel places (without distance) that they may not have otherwise experienced. Were it not for the well of self love these two extraordinary women shared, this weekend would not have been the same. Thank you Phoebe and Danielle for committing to cultivating your love so we could all reap it’s bounty! 

With deep breath and planted feet, it’s time to stop shaming ourselves into silence. Instead, we must trust our intention, embrace our essence, and share with open heart. 

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Rebecca Lefebvre