Sea Turtle | Serenity 🐢In addition to the animals in my new Fauna Inspiration deck, I have added a few symbols that represent the elements in which they are most attune. For Sea Turtle this is of course water.

Combining fauna and elemental energies, she becomes one of those mystical creatures that represents the importance of adaptability, flexibility, and serenity. Whatever the current may be (rough and tumble, fast or slow, up or down) she reminds us to stop battling it. Hardship is inevitable.

Our approach to the trials and tribulations of our life is often what remains tethered to our soul. When we release those chaotic, Archean moments they dissolve into a sea of silence. What once was crippling can be witnessed in a myriad of ways. Anything is possible when we bath in the ocean of serenity. 🐢

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Rebecca Lefebvre