Seahorse | Contentment 💦It is upon us to be our most authentic selves. No one, even our closest friends, our family, or our partners can coax our truth out of us. It is our personal responsibility to be honest, brave, and mindful of our journey, our impact on self and others, and our life's story.

Over the past few years (nearly five now) I have been in a state of transition - considering options, feeling out opportunities, and trying to right my way. Speaking with a friend yesterday I realized, we are all in this process of self-realization. Sometimes life happens hard and transformation isn't an option. Most frequently, it's more subtle, sitting in the corner of our psyche silently waiting for us to take notice. We are uncontent when that nagging feeling wells up in our heart yet we shy away from the work it would take to convert consideration into reality (goodness knows there's so much to consider when we leave our life's work to pile up – neglecting years of tears, fears, dreams, and aspirations).

I am not the sort of individual that suggests one approach. Rather, having seen so many ways to the finish line, I prefer leaving life open to any and all possibilities. I encourage myself and those I care for to inspect each angle and to make choices that feel most relevant and true to them. If we grant ourselves the time and attention (as much as we do to everyone and everything else) we will find contentment knowing we have listened to our spirit, tended to our path, and cared for our heart.

Seahorse is wise in this way. He accepts his responsibilities. While contentment is his most powerful message the journey to arrive their requires tremendous consideration for self and others and inspires us to be consciously responsible for the choices we make – neither shrinking from the work required to come to that choice or the outcome associated with it.

May the wisdom of Seahorse's dedication to both digging in and riding the waves guide you on your journey to fulfillment. That is his greatest wish. 💦

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Rebecca Lefebvre