Meaningful Moment | Breathe 🌾A long time ago I was a nursing instructor. My students were inspired and determined to make a difference. In support of their goals, I use to teach a conscious practice of stopping and breathing before they made big decisions or felt rushed while providing care. On a physiological and practical level, this process ensured they had enough oxygen for clear sight. On an energetic level it modeled a responsibility to slowing down, taking time, and purposeful consideration.

From personal experience and numerous accounts of unfortunate events, I found that scurrying around often resulted in thoughtless, automatic action. When this occurred, bad things happened. So I taught my students – when their heart rate was fast and the stakes were high they had the permission to stop, take a deep breath, and consciously consider their next move. This active decision-making ensured their actions were rooted in best outcomes.

Beyond the bedside, I believe we as individuals, communities, and a nation owe this to ourselves. Just by being, we produce outcomes. Being passive or active is the key. Having held the hands of many, I have learned, there are no greater regrets than the ones we live to endure because we didn't slow down and think.

Today and moving forward, gift yourself permission to take your time, breathe in deeply, and consciously participate in your life. Manifesting dreams takes hard work, commitment, and self-confidence. I believe in you. So should you! 🌾

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Rebecca Lefebvre