Mouse | Authenticity 🐭One of the more poignant lessons I have learned from the animals of this planet is how authentic and true they are to their innate selves. Unlike humans, Earth's creatures rarely if ever strive to be anything other than exactly who they are. Have you ever seen an elephant hop like a frog? Or a horse slither like a snake? While it sure would be something to behold, could you conceive of a day when Mr. Mouse grew a pair of wings and flew south for the great migration? Possibly but highly unlikely.

Animals, unlike us, appear pretty darn content to be just who they are. And yet, day-in and day-out, here we live ignoring our uniqueness and pretending we are someone we are not. We try to be braver, more aloof, disengaged or more carefree than we really are. But in the end (when we near our last breath), it is this lack of authenticity and acceptance of our personal truth that befuddles us and brings so much grief, regret, and sadness.

So why then do we wait so long to be true to ourselves? Why not embrace our unique beauty sooner; bask in our child-like wonder and let our personal brilliance shine? 🐭

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Rebecca Lefebvre