A Journey of the Soul

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Finding Essentia | A Journey of the Soul ❤️ I love this child. Not simply because he’s mine but because of who he is and what he represents. He’s pure of heart - unconstrained, positively curious, and he harbors a gift bestowed to each of us at birth: self love.

And yet, as the years pass I see this light fading. Influences from his peers, school, and even his family threaten to dim and distract him from his truth.

How do I stop what I know is inevitable; the confusion, awe, pain, and sorrow I know is certain to arrive?

Were it not for the lives I have tended, I would blaze forward with a plan to subvert but I know this would be an impossibility. So, the most I can do is love him - love my family - love my friends - love my community - love my species ... and most importantly, love myself.

This is why I hashtag #findingessentia a lot and why I am writing this book. Coming to terms with the constructs embedded within our humanity has been an awakening. I have previously written about our species and our follies. I have also been clear, I don’t believe life can or ever will be without challenges, adversity, sadness, or rage. The events and subsequent emotions are who we are. We will always be called to ride the gentle waves and giant tsunamis of life.

But - because I hold mountains of hope for a new reality and, when silent and present for even the most tangled souls, I find beauty in our struggles. I see vistas of opportunity for each and everyone of us.

When my Little Dove falls asleep, I am overcome with a feeling of possibility. A knowingness that we can reclaim our wisdom and fall back in love with who we are - just as he loves himself.

Finding Essentia is a book that explores the “Journey of the Soul” and how we can find our truth, nourish our heart, and love ourself.

As this season carries on and retail pushes, may you grant yourself the permission to find moments of reprieve - a calm corner, a moment in time, a walk in the woods, a breath of air, a song of silence, a hand to hold, a heart to share, a soul to love.

For if you don’t love yourself - I will!

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Rebecca Lefebvre