Winter Solstice | Retrospection ❄️ Last year, about 16 months ago, I was not the person you see here. In retrospect - I was wrong about a lot of things but honest about one - my heart had been broken in two.

Thankfully and gratefully, I learned, I have a strong source of support; family and friends I can lean on and depend on when it is hard to see a way through.

This photo (moment captured by @robynnicolefilmandphoto) was at the culmination of a long journey and a crossroads for me. A time when I had finally arrived on the other side and was gifted a new, more gentle purpose for being.

My hope for all of us as the year winds down, the northern aspect of the earth falls asleep, and the light fades away is that we can all take a moment to reflect; focusing intently on each milestone we have overcome and the lessons imparted by the strong tides that push and pull each day.

As you reflect on the year (and the months unfold), please remember to gift yourself generous amounts of grace and choose to love (rather than hate) every aspect of your humanness. We are impermanent beings engulfed by an infinite and ever expanding reality. To remain tethered, we must find connection and we must learn to love. 

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Rebecca Lefebvre