Detached Consideration

Meaningful Moment | Detached Consideration 🍂 I took this photo in October. The sky was brilliant blue and the tree effervescent orange.

I am often awe-struck by the beauty (and the chaos) of our world. I find I am challenged daily to avoid getting caught up in a response that is based in utter sorrow, polarized by rage, or results in apathy and avoidance.

This weekend, the men and women of our country who took an oath to stand side-by-side to defend our borders from REAL threats threw tear gas at unarmed asylum seekers. Men, women, & children that left their place of birth where their families reside and their homes stand because war, hatred, and greed prevail. They came to our borders not to relive the war they left but to find refuge in a country founded on possibilities, freedom, and independence.

This weekend we celebrated and reflected upon our individual reasons for gratitude and, hopefully, our country’s history of contradictions. Ironically - or not so ironically - those in power choose fear and fight over wisdom and possibility.

That said, while my approach is one of “detached consideration” this does not mean I am giving up or shirking my responsibility as an activist. We each have a path to walk. Mine is one of constant reflection and deduction - watching human behavior and then pushing concepts forward to encourage: 1) awareness 2) personal responsibility and soul-level work to 3) encourage creativity and the possibility of a paradigm shift.

We must first become aware of what is happening and how it makes us feel. We must then heal ourselves to achieve neutrality and objectivity. Once we’ve done our personal work we can manifest a life that upholds the truths we uncover and ignites others through positivity.

Despite the storyline being pushed by politics - I encourage you to find ways to detach yourself, even for a moment, to consider your feelings, your unconscious responses, and methods to find objectivity to allow for new approaches. Once uncovered, spread a flame of love and hope to extinguish the smoldering effects of fear, hatred, and shame. 

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Rebecca Lefebvre