Into the Woods


Meaningful Moment | Into the Woods 🍂 I see opportunity for metaphor in almost everything around me. Nature is the most prominent source of inspiration. I love drawing meaning from the elements. They represent a patchwork of choices; lessons for reflection and growth.

Today is Thanksgiving in America. This day represents many things to many people. On one hand we shine light on our accomplishments and express gratitude for what we have been gifted. Indeed, we should not feel individual shame for the mountains we have traveled nor the barriers we have overcome. But on the other hand, there exists a very real component of societal regret and broken promises that lives on in the subconscious shallows of our country’s story.

Because I am a social thinker (and an empath to the core) - I find this day, and many other holidays, conflicting to me. While I embrace the here and now, finding gratitude and reverence for the struggles we have overcome and the love and faith I have cultivated from life’s ebb and flow, I also find myself saddened for the hearts that have been hurt by the deeds of others.

Knowing what has been done cannot be undone, I take leave in silent reprieve to honor those souls that have sacrificed; holding hope that peace and love will be gifted to those that have passed and those struggling today. On days like today I go into the woods to find unexpected strength hidden in the shadows, take responsibility for my deeds, and discover enlightenment in every meadow.

To those before me, the ones here now, and those yet to come, may peace be with you and love befall you morning, noon & night. #morningnoonandnight #intothewoods #findingessentia #handtoheart #healing #gratitude #peace #love #responsibility #aveclavie #consciousliving #livingconsciously #inspiredliving #livinginspired

Rebecca Lefebvre