Koala Wisdom


My deck and my intention, driven by a desire to be inspired by our possibilities as a species, isn’t unconscious or immune to the reality of the world we live in. I read the headlines every morning and my heart sinks a league. The work I am trying to promote is not blinded by an ideal that life is lavished with roses. Most certainly not. I am far too attuned to the ubiquitousness of our dark side to be so naive.

When I read this quote by the Mayor of Tijuana, Mexico (Juan Manuel Gastelum) I was immediately struck by the utter contradiction and audacity. “Human rights should be reserved for righteous humans.” Front to back this quote is 8 words long; too short for the human who uttered it to make excuses he got lost or confused in his thought. No, this statement is very clear. A titanic expression of righteousness cloaked in distorted morality.

I’m exhausted with this reality. Koala wisdom, the keeper of our stories, reveals a sad (but steady and unfaltering) pattern of self-importance vaulted by egoism.

I refuse to be sucked into the vortex, viscerally responding. Instead, I am witnessing our collective experience, ruminating on this storyline, and crafting ways to diplomatically and respectfully encourage brave conversations (with ourselves and others) that are meaningful and substantial. We need to move this “needle” or we will maintain this storyline for infinity.

While writing “Finding Essentia” I find myself reflecting. It would be impossible not to. The lessons within the book are not my stories alone. Indeed, it is a book of collective wisdom. A decade of watching and participating in human chaos; events my patients (and even myself) endured that were absolutely awful.

It is clear, we HAVE to live “through” it. But we DO NOT have to make it more complicated. We need to do “our work” and take responsibility for the impact we have on others and our environment. We are catalysts. The questions is, what do you want to ignite?

It’s time to roll-up our sleeves, till the soil, and do our work. #aveclavie#findingessentia #livingconsciously

Rebecca Lefebvre