Week End Reflection | SHIFT 🍂 Each of us has a path. Simple it is not. Simple it will never be. But we have choices, even if minute in their appearance.

Choices are not ascribed to only large life events. In fact, most of our choices are so small we fail to recognize their impact on our daily disposition.

For example, we make choices when we make assumptions, experience emotional reactions, make facial expressions, have conversations with ourselves, choose (or not choose) our words, and permit fear, hatred, anger, and opposition to make choices for us.

These “little” choices take on the appearance of naïveté; innocent or inconsequential as “white lies”. However, the sum of these decisions (conscious and unconscious) establishes a defined way of being - an approach to life. As minutes progress into days and days into years and years into decades, these decisions of instance become cemented and impervious to movement. Iterations on our options become deceptively challenging, even impossible — or so we think. Would you be surprised to learn, we’ve made a choice to perceive it that way?

It is my honest belief, change (as contracted and limited as we may believe) is only an instant away. It is available through choice — and choice is available anywhere at anytime. It is as ubiquitous as the air we breathe. It can be as subtle as a shift in perspective (like choosing objectivity over position) but can result in immediate, monumental impact to self and lead to future change in others.

The stories we hold onto, the realities we permit can take new form when we engage our consciousness and acknowledge choice is around every corner. #shift#choice #consciousliving #livingconsciously #findingessentia #faunainspiration #aveclavie

Rebecca Lefebvre