Horse | Passion = Get Curious! 🐎 As I researched and wrote about each animal in my new Fauna Inspiration deck I opted to highlight only one meaningful word in this edition. I did this purposely because they are referenced and discussed in my forthcoming book: Finding Essentia. And, while each creature is far more complex than one word, I believe that highlighting a key characteristic offers us an external, and often more objective, opportunity for contemplation and reflection as we face life’s challenges. For example, I chose Passion as the primary definer of Horse. .
It’s a loaded word. We inappropriately hang our hopes on it - placing too much existential angst on trying to find our passion; concluding that without it we must be unfulfilled.

So, what if we didn’t think passion had to be found but understood that it was a natural, readily occurring side effect of trusting ourselves, nourishing ourselves, and loving ourselves. That sometimes the reason we feel blue is a result of inquisitive suppression. .
Being curious about life’s unexplained mysteries opens doors to exploration. It welcomes connection and encourages us to uncover concepts, communities, and consciousness we were unaware of previously. .
Finding passion does not require an arduous journey. It lies squarely in our capacity to find interest in anything and everything in a manner that is genuine and authentic. With this approach, passion has the capacity to be present in our lives every single day. #faunainspiration #consciousliving #livingconsiously #inspirationalwriter #aveclavie #horsewisdom #animalwisdom #askquestions #getcurious

Rebecca Lefebvre