Rebecca Lefebvre

As a social worker and a registered nurse, Rebecca has worked with hundreds of individuals and families during very intense and unfortunate times. She has discovered – at the end of our journey, it is our ability to be with life during life that enables us to find peace when death approaches.

In 2014 Rebecca created Avec La Vie, launching a simple, ethereal deck of 50 animal spirits. Since then, she has created numerous inspirational items. In 2016, she published her first children's board board, Morning, Noon & Night. Most recently, she re-birthed her animal spirit deck (co-collaborating with her friend and colleague Phoebe Jane) to create Fauna Inspiration. This new deck houses 57 fauna with inspirational messages.

In 2019, Rebecca has plans for additional illuminative works. These include: 

  • Finding Essentia  |  An inspirational book for adults

  • Baby Bean  |  A tender yet funny book for children

  • And, the companion deck to Fauna Inspiration – Flora Inspiration

Rebecca resides with her husband, three children, and two dogs in Colorado. To stay connected: