Animal Spirits are mysterious to many but if we stop and listen (pay attention to what they are saying) it's possible to achieve clarity and enlightenment.

Animals Spirits visit us many ways, the trick is to slow down (easier said than done) and pay attention. If we are patient and diligent in our awareness and reflection they will share untold wisdoms and truths to help guide your way. No two animals are alike and none try to be something they aren't. That clarity alone can open doors to certainty and authenticity and enable you to travel more lightly through this lifetime.  Enjoy the descriptions below. If you are open, many will resonate but one will sing.

Beaver: motivation • dream maker • balance

Beaver brings vision, creativity, and action to our lives. She reminds us to access all of our resources and work together in harmony to achieve our goals to bring them alive. She helps us take action and bring dreams to life... For More Animal Spirits

Black Bear: patience • confidence • nurturing

Black Bear is a strong source of support in times of difficulty. He reminds us to nurture ourselves through moments of reflection and provides courage and strength to face our challenges. His presence will provide strength to face adversity and the courage to embrace and love our true self...For More Animal Spirits

Buffalo: survival • strength • abundance

In the presence of Buffalo we are reminded of our sacred path and to honor every walk of life. She teaches us that true prosperity comes when we are grateful for what we have and when we live in harmony and love with every being within the universe...For More Animal Spirits

Bull: perseverance • virility • protection

As we journey through life we are faced with many challenges. Bull reminds us to persevere. Hard won gains bring confidence and pride. It is in our fortitude that we find the courage necessary to defy failure...For More Animal Spirits

Butterfly: mystery • transformation • lightnes

Butterfly’s beauty is revealed to us through her own metamorphosis. In her example, we see opportunity. An ability to break free from the constraints of expectations and convention. She reminds us that there is purpose and meaning at each stage of our life and that transformation will occur despite our best efforts...For More Animal Spirits

Camel: journey • endurance • awareness

Camel is a wise creature indeed. A wonder of self-sufficiency able to survive long periods of time on what he contains within. He reminds us to travel inward to find the answers to our challenges for no better reservoir exists than our own pool of insight...For More Animal Spirits

Caribou: wanderlust • navigation • staying afloat

Caribou is a proficient navigator and can persevere in the darkest of times. When Caribou enters our sight, he may be encouraging us to take the lead. No matter what we will make it to the other side...For More Animal Spirits

Cat: astute • clever • independent

Cat is patient, adventurous, courageous and yet relaxed. She is equipped with speed and gifted with landing on her feet. In the presence of Cat we are reminded to be patient; to wait for the right moment to act and to demonstrate independence of mind...For More Animal Spirits

Chickadee: gregarious • curious • tenacious

Small and slight Chickadee may be but do not underestimate his tenacity. His song reminds us that we have our own unique voice. One that is equally strong and unique in its own right. When in the presence of Chickadee he offers courage to be gregarious and to seek out new vistas...For More Animal Spirits

Coyote: skill • instinct • playful

Coyote teaches us how wisdom and folly go hand and hand. In our mistakes - and those of others - we see our own foolishness. When we are open to insight and reflection we can see how we have been fooling ourselves and avoiding our instincts...For More Animal Spirits

Crab: cycles • trust • nature

As Crab grows he casts off his shell for a new one. This shedding reminds us that - at times - we must let our defenses down for tremendous growth can occur when we do. In this act he also reminds us that there are times in our lives we simply must endure change...For More Animal Spirits

Crocodile: vision • duality • cleansing

Crocodile is able to live both above and below water; equally viable in both elements and sustainable only on what he needs but not taking more than is necessary. Crocodile’s lessons to us are of discovery and letting go of emotions hidden below the surface and of cleansing our lives of excess...For More Animal Spirits

Dolphin: pure of heart • transcendence • friendship

Dolphin is pure of heart. Friendly and protective of all creatures. She represents strong moral convictions and self-confidence. She encourages us to find a balance between these two states. Her playful nature is a reminder that we need to approach life with humor and joy...For More Animal Spirits

Dragonfly: dream • peace • purity

Dragonfly carries the wisdom of transformation and adaptability in life. She represents change and light. When Dragonfly appears in our life it may indicate that it is time for change to reach our full potential...For More Animal Spirits

Eagle: flight • liberation • reverence

In his swiftness, flight, and courage  Eagle sets the example of rising above the material. With his keen sight he is able to see the prevailing patterns of the ground below and the majestic view before him. He represents dignity and grace, intuition and creativity, and respect for boundaries through hard work...For More Animal Spirits

Elephant: strength • prosperity • wisdom

When life has us down, Elephant is always near. His brute force and limitless strength provides us the energy needed to tackle any endeavor. And yet, Elephant teaches us the importance of gentleness, commitment, and communication in relationships...For More Animal Spirits

Fox: cunning • creative • adaptable

In the presence of Fox we are encouraged to take action with quick, swift moves. He inspires us to develop mental clarity and sharpness using skills of observation, analysis, and deduction...For More Animal Spirits

Frog: transitions • healing • return

Frog He supports us in clearing negativity or toxic energies from our life and in times when emotional release is necessary. His presence may mean it is time to detoxify and take care of ourselves and our health. Frog inspires us to clear old opinions and beliefs and find new perspective or vision...For More Animal Spirits

Giraffe: vision • patience • confidence

Head held high in confidence and stride, Giraffe brings gifts of higher perception and inner awareness. He guides us with gentleness yet aids us with height, encouraging us to look toward what lies ahead...For More Animal Spirits

Goose: valor • fellowship • direction

Goose is a gifted navigator. He is able to travel enormous distances in his lifetime. With his family, he forges ahead with confidence and bravery working as a team to locate safety. Together they create community. Goose reminds us, “Let’s not forget the people who have helped us along the way...”For More Animal Spirits

Hawk: focus • partnership • respect

Hawk is the messenger of the spirit world. He encourages us to use his powers to find focus, take the lead when the time is right, and to seek clarity of mind. With Hawk as our guide we can soar with the wind. No goal is to high. No wish unachievable...Animal Spirits

Heron: calm • stability • self-reliance

Heron is a loner by nature thus symbolic of self-reliance. He encourages us to be independent and open to change whenever necessary. He reminds us that non-traditional roles and standing on one leg can be graceful and bring happiness...For More Animal Spirits

Horse: passion • freedom • vitality

Horse represents personal drive, passion and appetite for freedom. Among all of the spirit animals, he is the one that demonstrates the level of passion and motivation we need to carry us through life. When Horse gallops he encourages us to join stride and run with him...For More Animal Spirits

Kangaroo: momentum • nurture • survival

Kangaroo’s wisdom is in her ability to leap away from bad situations. She provides us with the permission to avoid unnecessary challenges. Not all conflict and chaos is necessary to achieve enlightenment...For More Animal Spirits

Koala: memory • grounding • calm

Do not let Koala’s understated frame fool you. His power far exceeds his figure. He brings us sacred wisdom through his ability to climb high into the canopy. In his action, he encourages us to seek a broader vision of the universe and remain above the fray...For More Animal Spirits

Lion: leadership • pride • wisdom

Lion embodies qualities of leadership, courage, assertiveness and personal strength. He provides us with the means to bravely navigate and manage deeply personal or emotional struggles. During times of challenge he empowers us to lead with our own noble and regal attributes when things seem insurmountable...For More Animal Spirits

Moose: commanding • solitude • shedding

Imposing, impressive, elegant and monumentally huge. Moose is a symbol of willfulness, longevity, confidence, self-esteem, primal feminine energy and steadfastness. Her fearlessness and resolute nature teach us the power of presence, balance, and maternalism...For More Animal Spirits

Ostrich: grounding • truth • release

One of the most practical of all spirits, Ostrich appears to us when it is time for cleaning house; physically or emotionally. She encourages us to sort out what is no longer useful and to let it go...For More Animal Spirits

Owl: messenger • foresight • wisdom

Owl has a deep, primal connection with wisdom and an intuitive knowledge of the universe. He sees true reality - beyond illusion and deceit. Owl offers inspiration and guidance to explore the unknown and the magic of life. When present he provides us with the ability to see what others can not or will not...For More Animal Spirits

Panther: courage • power • conquer

Panther symbolizes valor, courage, and power. She can and will conquer all. With her by our side we are blessed with a fierce guardian. She symbolizes the mother, the dark moon, and the force of night. She encourages us to understand the power within the shadows to eliminate our fears...For More Animal Spirits

Peacock: glory • vitality • vibrancy

Peacock reminds us of life’s glory. He symbolizes  integrity, spirituality, and immortality. Just as his beauty unfolds before us as he reveals his true colors; our own beauty is revealed as we acknowledge and embrace our own superpowers. Peacock is present when we need vibrancy and vitality in our lives...For More Animal Spirits

Penguin: unity • unconventionality • warmth

Penguin is reminder that although things may be chaotic a reason may exist behind the mayhem. He reminds us that we must continually move forward despite the cold, chilling headwinds. In his stead, we see the light at the end of the tunnel...For More Animal Spirits

Pig: wealth • prosperity • luck

Pig loves companionship and has a strong inclination toward trust. He is a well-known symbol of wealth and prosperity yet warns us to avoid the illusive trappings of the material world...For More Animal Spirits

Polar Bear: camouflage • patience • strategy

In the presence of Polar Bear we are reminded that being unique, and expressing ourselves is quite alright but that blending in can also be useful. By standing back and observing we are able to take time and ready ourselves to show our most powerful gifts...For More Animal Spirits

Puma: action • strength • leadership

Puma comes from a long line of cats notorious for their inclination toward sudden, aggressive action. While this may be necessary in times of urgency, Puma reminds us to be mindful of this tendency and to take heed - for haste in and of itself can have dire consequences...For More Animal Spirits

Rabbit: abundance • growth • speed

Rabbit is a true symbol of  comfort, abundance, and vulnerability. She is traditionally associated with fertility, sentiment, desire, and procreation. Like the crocus, she is closely linked to Springtime, reminding us of growth and renewal, the celebration of life, and endless possibilities for the coming year...For More Animal Spirits

Raven: mystery • clarity of speech • foresight

When visited by Raven we can bet she has intention to speak the truth until it is heard. Raven encourages us to engage in deep, transformative change, closing one chapter of our lives to bring forth another. When Raven appears in our life, we likely have a calling and she will not leave until we have listened...For More Animal Spirits

Rooster: attention • vibrancy • honesty

Rooster is considered by many to be the keeper of time. He calls to our attention the passing of life heeding us to take action before it is too late...For More Animal Spirits

Salamander: transformation • intuition • motion

Salamander symbolizes water, he helps us explore transformation, intuition, spirituality, and ease of motion. He reminds us to observe the changes around us in an effort to adapt rather than fight the tide. When we lose something important he brings us gifts of renewal, regeneration, rebirth and growth...For More Animal Spirits

Sea Star: sense • acceptance • rejuvenate

Sea Star teaches us to trust in what we can not see. She reminds us that vision is but one facet of our existence. Through her example we can discern opportunity even in the face of impossibility...For More Animal Spirits

Sea Turtle: serenity • flexibility • determination

Wherever Sea Turtle goes he is already home. He is in no rush to move forward or backward, up or down, or side to side because every journey results in the same destination - himself. His travels demonstrate the supreme importance of finding inner peace...For More Animal Spirits

Seahorse: patience • perspective • protection

Seahorse is a calm, mild-mannered spirit content to amble throughout the sea and willing to share the load. He is utterly content to be who he is, feeling no urge or pressure to be something he is not. When Seahorse is present he reminds us to take a good look around to get a better perspective of the situation...For More Animal Spirits

Snail: roam • prevail • healing

A champion of patience, Snail teaches us to accept and embrace delay. She reminds us to slow down. When Snail is present in our lives she teaches us that it may be important to let go of fixed or unrealistic deadlines for if not, life may pass us by...For More Animal Spirits

Spider: devotion • resourcefulness • beauty

Spider is a remarkable figure of feminine energy and creativity. She is characterized by her strong devotion to her craft. Spider encourages us to take charge, to weave every step of our own destiny...For More Animal Spirits

Squirrel: energy • preparation • friendship

When Squirrel comes into our lives he is often telling us to enjoy life and have more fun. He enjoys the company of his family and friends and so should we. His presence encourages us to gather the clutter of our life - such as thoughts, worries, and stresses - and get rid of them...For More Animal Spirits

Stag: nobility • pride • dignity

When we are in the presence of Stag we are highly attuned and sensitive. His noble stature imparts strong intuition and affords us the capacity to manage challenges with dignity. With Stag as our guide, we are able to remain determined yet gentle in our approach...For More Animal Spirits

Swan: love • grace • union

Swan’s wisdom includes awakening the power of self-love, recognizing inner beauty, and commitment to others. In her presence, we are shown how to draw from our own metaphysical beauty. She encourages us to find and reflect upon grace in all of its many forms...For More Animal Spirits

Turtle: patience • adaptability • durability

Turtle symbolizes new beginnings and endings - comfortable with both transitions. A wanderer by nature, Turtle has learned the importance of patience, adaptability, and durability...For More Animal Spirits

Wolf: intelligence • loyalty • faith

Wolf is incredibly intelligent. As a guide he is always present. He encourages us to follow our instincts, live with passion, and remain loyal to ourselves and others. He is also a symbol of the night - a time to take risks and face our deepest fears in an effort to uncover our most valuable self...For More Animal Spirits

Zebra: individuality • community  • discernment

In the presence of Zebra we are reminded that nothing is ever black and white, right or wrong, good or bad. He reminds us that there is more than one way of looking at things and encourages us to accept alternative viewpoints...For More Animal Spirits