Horse | Passion = Get Curious! 🐎 As I researched and wrote about each animal in my new Fauna Inspiration deck I opted to highlight only one meaningful word in this edition. I did this purposely because they are referenced and discussed in my forthcoming book: Finding Essentia. And, while each creature is far more complex than one word, I believe that highlighting a key characteristic offers us an external, and often more objective, opportunity for contemplation and reflection as we face life’s challenges. For example, I chose Passion as the primary definer of Horse. .
It’s a loaded word. We inappropriately hang our hopes on it - placing too much existential angst on trying to find our passion; concluding that without it we must be unfulfilled.

So, what if we didn’t think passion had to be found but understood that it was a natural, readily occurring side effect of trusting ourselves, nourishing ourselves, and loving ourselves. That sometimes the reason we feel blue is a result of inquisitive suppression. .
Being curious about life’s unexplained mysteries opens doors to exploration. It welcomes connection and encourages us to uncover concepts, communities, and consciousness we were unaware of previously. .
Finding passion does not require an arduous journey. It lies squarely in our capacity to find interest in anything and everything in a manner that is genuine and authentic. With this approach, passion has the capacity to be present in our lives every single day. #faunainspiration #consciousliving #livingconsiously #inspirationalwriter #aveclavie #horsewisdom #animalwisdom #askquestions #getcurious

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Appreciative Determination

Tenacity & Reverence 🐥 Quick pick last night with my son Jonah. Chickadee (Tenacity) and Eagle (Reverence) = APPRECIATIVE DETERMINATION. A reminder to be grateful and respectful in our pursuits. I love the juxtaposition of the two. In every instance there are countless angles to consider. Every path is equally relevant. In the obscurity of life there exists a canvas of endless creativity. We can craft whatever magic we want. We only have to trust ourselves. #faunainspiration #aveclavie #eaglewisdom #chickadeewisdom #animalwisdom #animalspirits #consciousliving #livingconsiously #purposefulliving #inspirationalwriter

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Meaningful Moment | Iterations 🌊 Is it possible to revisit places you once inhabited and feel the same magic? I recall times that were so vivid, so real yet I wonder if my mind only framed it this way to support my heart and confidently assert my existence. .
Leaving that wandering allegory to the side, is it possible to iterate and improve? Having watched the answer unfold in my life and in other’s, I feel confident saying yes. Life is one constant iteration. An opportunity to look inward and improve. An opportunity to participant in the activities and moments we find meaningful and abstain from those that drag us down. .
While others journey, they are iterating. Some of their follies will impact our lives. These are their stories, their moments that they must reconcile. It is not our responsibility to own these moments unless we find meaning for our own advancement. Aspects of that story may serve to define us positively (such as courage, fortitude, and integrity) while others entrap us, lingering as depression, anxiety, regret, remorse, and anger. .
Shedding the latter and refusing re-entry of those tired, old, negative stories is a sign of self-respect and advocacy we often under embrace. We do not have to permit passage of someone else’s transgressions while on our path to healing. Take only what is needed, absorbing the aspects that serve to further your story in positivity and leave the others to be rectified by the individual who bestowed them. That is their responsibility. .
Circling back around, I do think we can rediscover magic. Moments will never be the same. We age. We learn. We change. This is the natural and expected course of life. .
However, memories of bygone times entice us to cultivate meaningful moments again - those moments when we felt whole and connected. Being present, open, and authentic, collecting all the little moments like fireflies in the sky, invokes the magic, making the memory fulfilling, and worthy of being carried. .
In honor of our self, may we shed what fails to serve us and embrace only that which lifts our soul! ♥️ #findingessentia #aveclavie #iterations #socialthinker #inspirationalwriter

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Personal Responsibility

Meaningful Moment | Personal Responsibility • Confidence • Purposeful Living 🐝This has been a summer filled with bee wisdom. Seems like every time I sit down to photograph a flower a bee swoops in and steals the show. I know full well these bees aren’t about showing-off but they certainly have become the center of my attention.

I love that this bee is covered from head to toe. It offers so much metaphor. Just like the pollen jacketing this bee, maintaining the course never feels weighty when the reason is right. When we are certain we are determined, when we are determined we are confident, when we are confident we see things through.

With purpose in our lives obstacles are not negative, in fact they are an integral part of the road to achievement. They expose passion and, when peppered with friction, offer opportunities for reconsideration, redirection, and recommitment. If the goal in life is to find equilibrium then accepting the existence of challenges becomes an anticipated and welcomed aspect of life.

All this being said, in our confidence we do not need to be narrow-minded or self righteous. In fact, confidence grounded in honesty, responsibility, and humility paves the path for practical, plausible connection that engenders meaningful participation from ourselves and others. With integrity and a commitment to communal truth, healing can happen that will withstand the test of time . .
Like this bee doused in pollen, we have the capacity to manifest a reality of contentment, connection, and purpose when we trust ourselves, remain responsible for our impact and actions, and are present daily for ourselves and others.

Thank you little bee for pollinating my mind. 🐝

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Pelican | Optimism 🐚As I’ve shared before, there are any number of ways to find meaning in life. Religion, spirit, nature, connection, experience, opportunity. Seek and find what you will. Eventually there comes a time we have to make a choice about how we want to live. We have as much to do with how we arrived at this station as the forces around us. Life is art. Create what you need. Having seen so much heartache and pain, I’ve chosen OPTIMISM as my road. Pelican is a striking example of this canvas. He’s an amenable inhabitant of ephemeral islands. He enjoys a life of transience and is inspired by possibilities; averting traditional norms. Pelican plunges headlong into each experience harvesting gusto from each wave of opportunity. Unattached to expectations and averse to unnecessary burden he is guided by his persistent optimism. Through his example, Pelican encourages us to enthusiastically forage through life, resting momentarily only to embrace it in earnest again. May we all find passion to “be” which is far different from “do”. I am so I do. Not I do so I am. 

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Open Heart

Meaningful Moment | Open Heart 🍄 Like the underbelly of this wild mushroom, we all have vulnerable aspects of ourselves that we tiptoe to reveal only to hide when we feel overexposed. When we seek approval from others (outside of wishing to do right by them) we lend safe harbor to the child searching for acceptance while neglecting the adult who seeks soul progression. 

But, if we truly loved ourselves the fear and trepidation would slip away. The stronghold for doubt, embarrassment, and shame would crumble. We would saunter courageously through life trusting our intention and embracing our imperfections. Knowing we are only human, we would experiment in the face of folly time and time again. 

When we trust what we do is encased by authenticity and love, then finding solace in someone else’s acceptance becomes secondary to feeling fully, sharing open-heartedly, and loving completely. When we lend grace to ourselves, we uncover the fibers of our connectivity and the threads of humanity. We share without hesitation and bond around issues of merit and importance. 

This weekend, I experienced the manifestation of this type of love. It was not egoistic. It was not selfish. It was electric. It flowed from person-to-person encouraging new acquaintances, old friends, and rooted families to travel places (without distance) that they may not have otherwise experienced. Were it not for the well of self love these two extraordinary women shared, this weekend would not have been the same. Thank you Phoebe and Danielle for committing to cultivating your love so we could all reap it’s bounty! 

With deep breath and planted feet, it’s time to stop shaming ourselves into silence. Instead, we must trust our intention, embrace our essence, and share with open heart. 

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Why Not Now?

Meaningful Moment | Why Not Now? ✨This is my youngest son. I call him Little Dove. He is a young, open-hearted soul. He was two then. This was the first time he saw the cool, blue water roll over the sand only to take his footprints away. Amazed by the impermanence of the marks his feet had made, he spent an hour contemplating how they so easily disappeared. ✨
This week I found out that a colleague passed away - instantly and unexpectedly. Like the phenomenon at the beach, our lives are indiscriminately fleeting.

Knowing we all find death beside us, it makes me ponder why we spend so much time consumed by the weight of past experiences, old & tired archetypes, unhealthy relationships, burdensome work, and unfulfilled dreams? I know it’s not easy to flip our lives but what does it take to get us there? And maybe the more important question is: What holds us in place? Social worker as I am, I know full well the mountains and valleys we must climb to find our way out. But why not take flight and soar? Why not, while we are alive, create a reality we can live with no matter how limited by our circumstances we may be? ✨

#findingessentia #aveclavie#adriftinpeace

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Meaningful Moment | Love 💕A simple message for today, “Nurture your soul”. There’s so much happening. The pressure of the push doesn’t go away unless we allow ourselves to put on the breaks. Recklessly driving through life has the likelihood of leading to accidents, missteps, and unintended consequences. Swan is an age-old symbol of simplicity and love. In her embrace we are reminded to swim gently with the currents of life rather than against them. She rouses us to affectionately take review of our emotions, examine the trappings of our humanness, and acknowledge our shortcomings. Once we are able to love ourself we are able to love others without exception. 💕 

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Buffalo | Connection 🍂 Generation after generation, Buffalo reminds us of our sacred path. With hope for the future, she encourages us to honor every walk of life, to be grateful for each day, and to respect what we have been given. She tells us of stories entwined with sadness and forgiveness, prosperity and humility. In the shadow of broken promises she imparts messages of persistence and survival. Her presence awakens responsibility and guides us to live in harmony with one another. When Buffalo presides, it is time to give thanks for all of life’s gifts. 

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