Fauna Friends Junior Deck

Fauna Friends Junior Deck


The Fauna Friends Junior Deck, along with its companion the Flora Friends Junior Deck, was designed specifically with children in mind. Our world continues to get more complicated and seemingly less civilized. Now, more than ever, children need to witness and experience the power of healthy conversations, self-love, and mental wellness. These elements are paramount to their development.

Our nature-inspired cards may be simple in design, but they offer endless opportunities for children to explore who they are, how to have meaningful conversations, and emphasize the importance of day-to-day, even moment-to-moment mindfulness.


• Enjoy the illustrations and create your own
• Learn about the plants and find them outside
• Talk about the words at the bottom of each card
• Tell a story about how unique each plant is
• Make a list of positive words that best describe you
• Write a story about how special you are



  • Written by Rebecca Lefebvre

  • 35 full-color images on the back of each card

  • Includes the name and 1 meaning full word for consideration and conversation

  • Shrink-wrapped with band

  • Card dimensions: 3” x 4.875”


Collaborative art by Phoebe Hunt (illustrations) and Rebecca Lefebvre (watercolor).
Copyright © 2019 Avec La Vie, LLC. All rights reserved.

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