Dream • Peace • Purity

All too often I fall prey to the speed of adulthood. I tell my children, "Not now!", "Later", "In a minute!" and then find myself in a state of regret when those moments never return. And then, one day (just the other day) I was carried from my frenzied, hurried state ... shoved out of my oft self-important and unquenchable drive, and ran smack-dab into a cluster of dragonflies. I was surrounded by forty or fifty of these elegant beauties. And, I'll be damned if that didn't make me slow down! Ironically (then again maybe not so) my son raced on - completely and utterly unaware of the magic that surrounded me. He was too busy loving his new found freedom and ripping it up on his bike. He already knew where life was. He'd already learned - if not intrinsically knew - to slow down, be present, and breathe it in. This wasn't his lesson to learn. It was mine ... and thank goodness for that. These little angelic drifters reminded me that should we forget to find magic in the moment it's more possible than not to end the day unfulfilled. Their wings glistened with an age-old message:

In dreams we find solace.
In peace we find life.
In purity we find meaning.

To that I say, "May your light glisten with the ages. May you find calm in the storm. May you find moments to last forever."

Avec La Vie,
Rebecca Lefebvre