We are born with Animal Spirits watching, guiding, and protecting us. They bring presence, energy, and light to us throughout our lives.

Some times they work behind the scenes sprinkling enlightenment. Other times - when we are open - they make themselves known, surround us with their presence, and provide guidance. They are a symbolic representation of us. A safe place. A mirror to see our strengths, our follies, our emotions, and our possibilities. Through observation and reflection of their essence we may glean new awareness and strength. 


Whether in birth or death, I have shared time, space, and energy with many as they have transitioned from one side to the other. These lovely creatures were conceived and crafted in honor of the spirits that pass and those that watch, guide, and connect us. May they bring beauty, strength, and clarity to you along your journey. That is their greatest wish.

Avec La Vie - With Life
Rebecca Lefebvre

4 Ways to Connect With Your Animal Spirit

1) They choose you at birth. It's lovely to think that at birth we have an Animal Spirit that guides and protects us. A kindred spirit from the animal kingdom that shares their essence so we may gain insight and strength from their presence. When we are young it's easy for us to connect with them and so we claim a particular affinity for one. When they have seen their Guide young children often collect and surround themselves with them day and night.

2) They come to our aid. Throughout our lives we have many Animal Spirits that provide us power and insight. When we are struggling, they're around. If we are open they will make themselves know. We'll see them on the side of the road, in our backyard, on our walk, in the air, in our dreams. Their presence offers opportunity for introspection and healing. Throughout our lives we have many Animal Spirits that provide us power and insight. 

3) We call on them. If we let them, Animal Spirits can offer powerful healing and magic. When we embrace them and call upon them they provide us endless examples of strength, fortitude, resilience, determination, love, and loyalty. Through meditation and reflection they become symbols of hope and opportunity to drive enlightenment, passion, and change. 

4) We share them with others. When we see our loved ones struggling we can share Spirit energy with them. In these moments we identify Animals we believe personify the traits and strengths we wish our loved ones could embrace. Sending Spirits to our loved ones offers support, love, and light during times when transition or strength is needed.