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Nature-Inspired Illumination


Nature-Inspired Illumination

Fauna Inspiration Cards

The Fauna Inspiration deck is comprised of 57 animals; each ethereally embodied using a unique pen and ink, watercolor technique. On the back of the card, inspiring messages accompany each fauna. Filled with poetic metaphor and meaning, this deck combines nature and sentiment encouraging the reader to find connection and to discover their inner wisdom at any time.

2019 Fauna Calendar

From January to December, call upon and enjoy these fauna all year long as you endeavor to be present, be connected, be brave, be bold, and be you! Find illumination and reconsider perspectives as you weave your way through the days. These creatures have been crafted to offer inspiration as you nurture your soul, strive for authenticity, and aspire to be genuine in spirit. 

Morning, Noon & Night

This soft yet poignant board book written and illustrated by Rebecca Lefebvre offers the reader, of any age, a gentle, melodic blessing of love and light. Morning, Noon & Night introduces children to the kinship inherent within nature and our vital connection to the world around us. This book is certain to be a classic. A cherished bedtime ritual and an adored heirloom by many.

Finding Essentia

A Journey of the Soul
Find Your Truth • Nourish Your Heart • Love Yourself

A Note from the Author: This book has been a long time in the making. I started writing it over five years ago under a few different titles. None seemed to fit and I never had enough time to immerse myself in its weighty but relevant content. And, truth be told, I hadn't come far enough in my journey to feel certain that Finding Essentia could (or should) even exist. Over the next few months, as the sun sets sooner, you will find me curled up in my corner chair bringing life to the many lessons I have learned over the years. As a nurse, I owe much of this book to the tender souls who have touched my heart. Their raw reality, imparting wisdom beyond measure. Their stories entwined in mine, I have become a better human because of them. Tethered to every courageous moment in life, I have found grace, hope, and fortitude to be the trident of the soul. – Rebecca Lefebvre

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