Rebecca Lefebvre

In 2014 Rebecca created Avec La Vie and launched the business with a simple, ethereal deck of Animal Spirit cards. Since then, she has created hundreds of inspirational items that encourage connection, capacity, and creativity. Most recently, she published a children's board board called Morning, Noon & Night which introduces children to the kinship inherent within nature and our vital connection to the world around us.

Trained as a nurse and a social worker, Rebecca has worked with hundreds of individuals and families during very intense and often unfortunate times during their lives. She has discovered, it is not the "work of life" but our ability to "be with life" that enables us to find peace now, and most certainly, at the end. It is the moments we live on the edge that afford us the most healing. She creates art for herself and others to find connection and inspiration. 

Rebecca resides with her husband, three children, and two dogs in Colorado where she finds inspiration daily. The rugged terrain and the creatures that abound provide endless opportunities for creativity. Every element of nature may be found in her creations. To learn more about Rebecca and to stay in touch, visit her online @Instagram. You will likely find her sharing inspirational images and messages that uplift the soul! Or email her at:



The Meaning of Avec La Vie

Finding ones freedom from self-imposed restrictions is the greatest gift someone could give themselves. And, this doesn't mean happiness everyday or lack of regret, sorrow, shame, or pain. Instead, it means we trust in the necessity of these emotions and the experiences we live; that we embrace them as gifts of insight and wisdom. They are a reminder that we exist. That the journey we are on is complex and interconnected.

Today I am grateful for the sun, the moon, and the stars. The infinite universe and all of the beings that surround me. Thank you for walking this path with me and sharing this thing we call life. This is the meaning of Avec La Vie.

With love,
Rebecca Lefebvre