Avec La Vie's Filles d'Esprit collection is in adoration of the divine feminine and the spirit women bring to this planet. We're often inundated with messages of disappointment about our gender but these lovely ladies rejoice in their beauty and dance in our lives to impart awareness and strength. They encourage us to own and love our authentic selves and to embrace all manner of beings. 



Each of these lovely hand-made spirits are one-of-a-kind and made to twirl and glisten in the sun. Made of natural fibers and feathers, these pixies dangle from embellished wire and ribbon and remind us to joyously embrace life and dance in its light. Wherever they sway they carry with them messages of wisdom and strength in their gem-filled bottles. In addition to their bottle, each Sundancer comes with a description card detailing the reason for their message and how they intend to spread light. 

"Hang your 'Spirit Girl' in the window, above your bed, or anywhere she desires. Her gift is to encourage you to joyously embrace life and dance in its light. Wherever she sways she carries a message of wisdom and strength in her gem-filled bottle. And, remember, she’s perfectly unique - just like you! No two Sundancers are ever alike."

Sundancers are inspiring  gifts no matter the age!

A few of the many reasons to impart a sundancer:

  • Unity Mobile for Baby's Room

  • Birthday

  • Brides Maids & Maid of Honor gifts

  • Messages of Inspiration

  • Special Event: Thirteenth Birthday, Sweet Sixteen, Graduation

  • Loss of a Loved One

  • New Addition to the Family

  • For Encouragement & Love

  • You'll Be Missed (when your dearest friend is moving away)

  • Just Because!