What Does Avec La Vie Mean?
The literal translation means, "With Life". It's that place where we remember "to be." To share in the moments of life. Happy and sad, loved and lonely. It's where simplicity and authenticity in nature can be found and where life is art and we're one with Spirit.

At Avec La Vie we believe in connecting with our heart and embracing our truth; sprinkling it with creativity and wrapping it with The Divine.

Each of Avec La Vie's creations are born from a combination of a love for heart, art, and earth.  At Avec La Vie you will find Animal Spirits of more than 50 kinds packaged in decks for readings, journals for writing, prints for adoring, and jewelry to connect Spirit to body.

You’ll also find Filles d’Esprit (Spirit Girls). These lovely ladies dance in the sun to encourage us to joyously embrace life and dance in it’s light. Each Filles d'Esprit  carries a note of wisdom and strength in honor of spirits that pass and those that watch, guide, and connect us. May they bring beauty, strength, and clarity to you along your journey. That is their greatest wish. 

Beyond the Veil
Rebecca Lefebvre, the artist behind Avec La Vie, is passionate about life and assisting others in achieving their greatest gifts. She loves beauty, elegance, and grit and is equally comfortable dressed for the ballet or digging in the dirt. She is an accomplished social worker and registered nurse. She's served on numerous boards advocating for compassion, autonomy, and sensibility. She has extensive training in advocacy, mediation, conflict resolution, and applied learning.

Through the years she's found she has a gift for creating "space" for those coming and going from this lifetime. She aids people in finding the strength to actualize the gift of life and death and in turn enhance their lives and the lives of their closest kin. 

Rebecca recently found her alter at "The Raven's Hearth" where creativity flows like a river. She is surrounded by nature, trinkets, tattings, her 2 hounds, 4 boys, and - of course - Raven's wisdom. She finds inspiration in her visions; creating for Spirit-full connection. 

May love, light and all things lovely embrace you.

Blessings all around!

Rebecca Lefebvre


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